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Should All Muslims Be Document And Identified?

It’s a great question and thankfully Chaser went to the streets in the United States to take a poll.  Lots of great ideas in his survey which turned up a lot of great responses.  The Americans have it all covered.

[youtube qnmvToZjRIc nolink]

Makes me proud to be Canadian

How Facebook Can Affect Your Life

Can you find love on facebook? Is it possible? I think that is.. it’s such a sexual place, or can be. Do you use it for networking and connecting with people, or do you use for for meeting the opposite sex?

Facebook should be used for Good, not Evil… but we can’t all be perfect

[youtube mvepYYNjfBk nolink]

Get 1000 Or More Unique Visitors With YouTube and Video

How to drive 1,000 visitors to your website

in less than 24 hours by creating and distributing just ONE video.

YouTube and MySpace are now household names. Everybody’s got an account at those two sites, and if they don’t, their kids sure do!

Millions of people are watching videos online EVERY DAY at these sites and dozens of others. Let me show you how to cash in on those viewers by teaching you my secret methods for converting viewers into visitors.

Using this method with just ONE video, the author sent 1,000 visitors to a brand new site in under 24 hours.

Have a look at 1000 Visitors In 24 Hours website

If you’re involved in SEO in any way at all, and want to generate leads, conversions and sales from the web, then you owe it to yourself to have a look at what this fellow did. 1000 unique visitors in 24 hours with just one video. He shows you the proof…. it’s astounding!

visit 1000 visitors in 24 hours

Imagine those visitors now buying your product, or clicking on your adsense adverts, or signing up for your newsletter. However you market to website visitors, you first NEED the visitors. Create the video and publish to YouTube and MySpace.

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