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Backflip Fail

I’ve never tried to do a back flip. They just seem wrong. I mean, in every situation I’m in, I’m always thinking “What’s the safest way to do this?” and some things just never come up with an answer so I dont do them. Backflips have so much potential for going wrong. I give you this example

[youtube tndy_b5n1go nolink]

and seriously! Dont do this in your basement!

Skydiver In Wingsuit Flys Past Mountains

The skydiver in this video gets so close to the mountain that he can reach out and touch it. I’ve jumped 40 times myself, but never used a wingsuit. To see him tracking along and then do a sumersault is amazing. I love it

Worlds Coolest Hang Glider

You know, I’m a skydiver. I’ve got 40 jumps to my name, so I’m not “nuts” about it, but I appreciate it more than the average person. Skydiving is cool because you’re in total control of your body as you fly it through the air, then a few minutes under canopy as well.

So, appreciating skydiving brings me to this cool hang glider. Have a look at this short clip. It’s got to be the easiest way to launch and fly.

There Is No God

You know, I don’t know what to write as a leading paragraph for this video about Sam Harris’ thoughts on religion and faith. There is a lot of discussion right now on my other blog about beliefs. It’s become a hot topic. Sam brings up the fact in the first part of this video about the fact that very few of us respect the beliefs of others. I’m finding that to be the case as well. I believe that we each have the right to believe what we want, regardless of what that is. I will not censor any comments on any of my blogs with the exception of hate.

Raised by a Jewish mother and a Quaker father, Sam studied Buddhism during a leave from Stanford. He’s currently working on a doctorate in Neurology specifically in the area of belief.

“The end is at last near!” It’s a tremendously appealing story, widely held now and in history. It has consequences, and that’s the subject of this Seminar About Long-term Thinking by Sam Harris, author of the incendiary, reverse-apocalyptic book, THE END OF FAITH.

[google -3975633975283704512 nolink]

“Faith is the license that religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail. To keep believing in the absence of evidence. This is unacceptable in any other area of our lives”
– Sam Harris

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