Things To Do Before I Die or My Life List

I consider myself VERY goal oriented and I tackle either one goal at a time, complete it and move on, or I work towards multiple goals at a time. I was traveling recently to Africa to complete my goal of climbing Kilimanjaro and I sat down in a pub and began to just write all the things I wanted to do before I died. This is a partial list which I will add to from time to time and include the target dates for completion, the completion dates and links to my travels and posts related to them. Some people call this a life list or a bucket list (things to do before you kick the bucket). On a related page is all the countries I’ve been to so far.

In no particular order:

Obtain my black belt in Taekwondo (currently red stripe)
Do a barrel roll and a loop in a bi-plane
Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and shake his hand
Meet Bill Pearl 5 Time Mr Universe (I’ve interviewed him)
Hike the West Coast Trail | Completed August 2004 | West Coast Trail Trip Diary
Climb Kilimanjaro | Completed October 2006 | Kilimanjaro Climb and Summit Photos
Climb to Everest Base Camp (5545M) | Completed Oct 13th 2008 (arrived at Base Camp after a 9.5 hr day)
Climb Mt Fuji
Climb to and visit Machu Pichu
Climb Mt Aconcagua in Argentina (6960M)
Climb Mt Elbrus in Russia (5642M)
Hike the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska / Yukon Territory
Hike the New Zealand lower island beach trails
Climb Ayers Rock in Australia
Climb that bridge in Sydney (help? whats the name of the bridge?)
Climb and Summit Canada’s Mt Robson
See the Meteor Crater outside Winslow Arizona | Completed Jan 18, 2010
| Completed Jan 18, 2010
Visit the Grand Canyon | Completed Jan 19, 2010
Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
White water raft the Columbia River in the Grand Canyon
Bungee Jump | Completed June 2005 and currently 5 8 Jumps to my name | Birthday Bungee Jump
Stand on top of the Great Pyramid
Go inside the Great Pyramids of Egypt | Completed Oct 2006
See the Sphynx at Giza | Completed Oct 2006
See a shuttle launch | Completed: April 5, 2010 at 6:21 am
See a shuttle land
Get certified to scuba dive
Learn Kayaking and begin Whitewater Kayaking
Skydive 1000 times | Currently at 40 jumps, highest being 15,000 feet
Skydive from a Hercules
Skydive from a Hot Air Balloon
Skydive out of a helicopter
Skydive from 30,000 feet (Halo)
Skydive in South Africa
Visit Normandy and the beach head from WWII
Visit Hitlers Eagles Nest | Visited Berchesgaden 2006 but Eagles Nest was closed 5 days earlier
Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
Travel the Chunnel | Completed: May 2017
Visit Paris | Completed: May 2017
Climb the Eiffel Tower | Saw it, didn’t climb it (yet)
See the Mona Lisa | Completed: May 2017
See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Travel with the Nomads of Morocco | Slept in a Berber tent in the Sahara, April 2017
Travel from South Africa to Turkey via Overlander
Sail around the world on a working tall ship
Visit Galapagos Island
See the Nazca lines from the air | Completed, August 2015
Live in and Travel around Australia
Live in the Cayman Islands
Live in Costa Rica
Live in Europe
Live on a cruise ship for 6 months as a passenger
Cruise Vancouver (or LA) to Australia
Visit Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, Canada
Earn a Passive Income of at least $10,000 a month
Become a Best Selling Author
Write a Book | Completed June 2009 (Fat Loss Fundamentals)
Attain 6% Bodyfat and keep it there for at least a year
Travel by boat across the Straight of Gibralter | Completed May 30, 2011
Travel the entire length of the Orient Express
Drive across the US, from New York to LA
Drive Route 66 from Chicago to California in a Corvette
Drive across Canada on a motorcycle
Hike the Whisky Trail in Scotland
Spend a few days on board a houseboat in Kerala, India
Fly a kite in Afghanistan
Have Turkish coffee in Turkey
Eat pineapple in Hawaii | completed March 2012
Have young coconut it Thailand | completed Oct, 2008
Drink Vodka in Russia
Drink Ouzo in Greece
Have a Singapore Sling in Singapore | Completed Oct, 2008
Chew cocoa leaves in Peru | Completed, August, 2015
Smoke a Cuban cigar in Cuba | Completed Jan, 2014
Eat an apple in Kazakhstan
Visit the coliseum in Rome
Attend Mardigras
Visit all 7 continents (just need Antarctica and Oceania)

That’s the bucket list for now. I add to it from time to time, cross a few things off, link to posts where I’ve written about the goal I achieved, or update a few things. Hope you enjoyed reading my life list.