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Christmas Gifts

Hey, I just got the coolest christmas gifts from my trainer.  She got me a bunch of tealights and a couple of those big huge Guy Type column candles for my desk.  I had texted her the other day hinting (ok, outright asking for them) and today she hooked me up.

Then… then… she gave me my birthday gift.  She got me a thumb ring made of some sort of special metal from metalsmiths in west edmonton mall.  I’ve promised to get her my DVD of “the secret” as a christmas gift for her.  I’ve told her to watch it a number of times because of how powerful the secret really is.

I had a really shitty christmas last year when I was with my girlfriend.  I spent a lot of time and energy (and love) to create an amazing gift for her and I got a toy car and some personal toiletries.  Kinda wrecked the energy that year for me and I should have know we weren’t on the same page. 

So this year, I am already so thrilled with my christmas gift.  Not quite a homemade christmas gift idea, but awesome, amazing.  I’m very happy.

Update: I realize now after I wrote this post and got the comment, that I had not considered what the intention was around the toy car.  And also that I celebrated Christmas in Arizona a few weeks later and got one of my most prized possessions, a very special earring.  This earring has gotten my more touches from women as well as comments due to it’s special design.  I’ve worn it faithfully now for almost a year and I see no time soon in which I will change it up.  Thank you for the great gift Sonja.

Merry Christmas 2004

Merry ChristmasI spent my Christmas Eve at Mel’s house.  She had a party attended to by a bunch of personal trainers, health conscious people.  We had a great time and I met a bunch of great new people.  Christmas time is not always my favorite time of year.  My birthday falls close to christmas and it kind of depresses me.  Not sure why anymore and I’ve let go of it.  Maybe it’s because of the Christmas gifts.  I’ve always said that a homemade christmas gift idea was better than buying one. My idea of a perfect christmas is living in the backwoods, in a log house and then creating my own christmas presents for the people I love.  I guess it’s from my early years growing up watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.  Those were good times.  I think the world would be a better place if we lost a bunch of technology.

Some of my best memories of Christmas involve all the goings on around the homestead of Charles Ingles and the family get togethers on The Waltons.  I really think I’m having “earlier life” flashbacks because those are my best Christmas memories.  Weird eh?

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