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My First Clickbank Vendor Account

I’ve been approved by Clickbank!

After having my Bodybuilder Interviews website up and running for about a year using 1Shoppingcart.com as my payment processor, I’ve decided to move it to a new domain and name and market it through Clickbank.

With 1Shoppingcart.com, I’m charged on a monthly basis $80 US for managing my product downloads and handling my autoresponder.

The disadvantage is that I’m not listed in any marketplace and have to manually find affiliates to promote my product and I have to pay a monthly fee.

By moving to clickbank, my product is listed in the marketplace which thousands or hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers visit to find products.  A lot of affiliates also automate the entire process using their Clickbank Malls or Product RSS feeds.

Initially, I was marketing the interviews as “bodybuilder Interviews” because they’re audio interviews with the worlds top bodybuilders giving their secrets to fat loss and building your ultimate physique.

Alas, I’ve decided to market it as “fat loss insider secrets” reaching a more targeted niche, people looking to improve their fat loss or weight loss goals, rather than appealing to Bodybuilders.  It’s just a bit more focused.

I also redesigned the product logo or image to match the product.

Before moving over to Clickbank, I wanted to be able to secure my download page and be able to manage many future products as well as affiliates, so I turned to Easy Clickmate software

Technorati Link Train – Great Idea

I found this Link Train idea over on Blue Anvil Web Design Journal and figured it was a fantastic idea.  I’m really into link building strategies in order to attract more readers to my blog and to generate inbound links which then increases page rank (PR).

By doing this, you build you list of technorati favorites and find some great new blogs in the mean time.  If you’re not using technorati to market yourself, your work, or your blog, then get with it. Go to technorati, get an account, register (or claim) your blog and increase your link juice.

Have a look at the instructions below and get posting.
————-Start Copying Here————-

Here are the rules:

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it to your own blog. You may want to change the titles of the blogs to help avoid duplicate content issues, and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for.. Just don’t change the actual links to the blogs.

3) Take My New Faves and move them into the The Original Faves list.

4) Add 3 new blogs that you’ve added to your Technorati Favorites to the My New Faves section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to the blogs you add. (i.e. http://technorati.com/faves?sub=addfavbtn &add=http://www.yourfavesdomain.com)

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave This.” Those who want good karma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves

The Original List

————-End Copying Here————-

Internet Marketing – Make $50 A Day In 30 Days Or Less

work from home

Zero To $50 A Day In 30 Days

This zero to fifty, 6 step plan shows you how to start from Zero and then earn $50 a day, in just 30 days.

Despite what you may have heard, Internet Marketing and making money online is not as hard as some people would like you to believe…

     It will NOT take you years to learn everything you need to know.

     You do NOT need a lot of money to start.

     You do NOT need to know everything there is to start earning good money.

     You do NOT need to come up with anything revolutionary.

All you need is a proper step-by-step plan to a profitable and easy to start business. Of course you do need to follow the plan in order to get any results, but that is pretty self explanatory.

This Zero To $50 a day guide walks you through the steps to becoming financially independant in less than a month.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn…

A simple 6 step process that even a 12 year old could follow! 
Why this system will never saturate.

How to turn your $50 a day system into a successful business, earning you thousands of dollars a month. (This little gem is so powerful) 

How to leverage the system so you can build a thriving Internet marketing business that will continue to grow more revenue year after year! This is an amazing technique that is now making me over $5000 a month! 
How to get people to act now instead of putting it off until later. (This is often why new marketers can’t seem to get people to buy, because they don’t know how to get people to buy immediately, but you’ll know after reading this report) 

The exact same tactics and system that I use – day in, day out. I leave NOTHING out.

Have a look at the Zero to $50 a day program 

Pick Winning Keywords Every Single Time

If you’ve done any sort of keyword research, then I’m sure you are used to seeing a keyword and a count number that represents the search demand.

It’s sort of one-dimensional.  Know what I mean?

What if I told you that you could look deeper into a keyword and look at monthly trends of a keyword.

That would be much more insightful, now wouldn’t it?

Well, I would like to show you exactly how you can pick winning keywords every single time — and you can literally do this blindfolded.  Well, not really, but close enough.  These are the top keywords you can use at any time, on any website and this is the ultimate keyword research tool.

Download the PDF below in the zip file below, use an unzip program like www.winzip.com to open it and Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it and be prepared to be blown away.

Download Keyword Jackpot

This is the exact Keyword Reasearch system that I use myself.


P.S.   Without even a hint of hype, there is nothing that can touch this…

Download Keyword Jackpot

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