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SEO Position Number One For Keyword Tom Venuto

I love it.  Another keyword of mine has just got ranked number one by Google. 

tom venuto

Search Google for Tom Venuto and see what you get when you read this.  I’ve watched this page climb and climb in the rankings for the search term Tom Venuto and when it was in position number 4, I made some tweaks and it shot up to number 2, and today number 1.  Yeeeeeehaaaa.  I love it.  I love what Tom Venuto provides and his book http://www.burnthefatbook.com/ is the best fat burning product on the net.  His Number one ranked book is called “Burn the fat, feed the muscle”. This is the page that is ranked #1 for Tom Venuto right now

My Personal Trainer

My personal trainer now has a website if you’re in the edmonton area and are looking for an edmonton personal trainer. She’s the best. She holds a few canadian power lifting records that have not been beat since she set them over 10 years ago.

I posted an article on calorie counting by Tom Venuto on my website. The newest in a series of articles by Tom. Check it out.

6 Percent Bodyfat Goal

I have committed to attaining 6% body fat by July 1, 2005.  In this endeavour, I needed new tools for my toolbox. Read my review of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book by Tom Venuto. I spent last night at my skydive club annual New Years Eve party.  I had begun my fat loss program about a week prior and I stuck to my guns of only having a couple of beers.  I have a cruise in February and I want to drop a bunch of fat before I go.  I’m also going to have my chest and back waxed for the first time and see how I like it.  My plan to achieve my goal involves daily cardio in the morning followed by weight training in the afternoon.  I’m following the Burn The Fat program by Tom Venuto, increasing my protein in the form of chicken and eggs and again eating oatmeal with my breakfast.
I created a site for Fitness Affiliate resources for people who want to earn money helping others educate themselves about health and fitness or find fitness products and tools.  Fitness affiliate links is part of my Fatloss Muscle and Fitness Network which I’m designing to tie together a bunch of my fitness and nutrition websites.  Basically a site with a bunch of articles and then it posts pages generated by RSS from my other website feeds.  These pages generate inbound links to my articles and posts and should increase clickthrough and pagerank to them.  Plus the pages will change very often which Google likes.

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