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How To Make Your Halloween Eco Friendly

A green Halloween, what a great concept.  Yesterday I wrote about how my girlfriend and I have been creating Halloween recipes with a pumpkin we bought for $3 and so far has provided over 30 meals for us.  A good friend of mine Scott Bird wrote an article recently about 10 ways to make your Halloween more environmentally friendly.  Some very straight forward ideas for a green Halloween.

Another buddy wrote a Halloween Workout using pumpkins, hay bales and other odds and ends from the holiday he found around his house.

Tomorrow is Halloween, I hope you have a safe and eco friendly Halloween and then eat your pumpkins

Halloween Recipes Made From Pumpkins

My girlfriend and I have been creating some great Halloween recipes over the past week or so preparing them for her section on my . We realized that there is an abundance of pumpkins this time of year, most of which are being used for pumpkin carvings. We’re eating them.

A single pumpkin that cost $3 has provided enough for 3 recipes and over 30 servings. That’s a pretty good ROI if you ask me.

halloween pumpkin recipes

This is the Halloween Pumpkin that we bought. Like I said, $3.

One recipe we created was a Spiced Pumpkin Apple Curry and the most recent was a Smokin’ Pumpkin and Corn Chowder. We still have one more left to make, and the one I’m most looking forward to, Darlene’s Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes.

I gotta say, I love curry and so far, the Pumpkin Apple Curry is my favorite. Made with Pumpkin and Butternut squash and apples. Mmmmm,

From what I know, most people carve their pumpkins, put a candle in them, place them in the window for Halloween night and then throw them away. I mean this is a popular time of the year for pumpkins. There are many great deals on pumpkins especially after Halloween night. Buy them, carve them up into freezable portions and then eat them over the next few weeks or months.

If you’re not familiar with pumpkins as food, pumpkins are a member of the squash family just as Spaghetti squash, Butternut squash, Acorn squash and the one you’re probably most familiar with, the Zucchini.

I was not aware of this:

Though considered a vegetable in cooking, botanically speaking, squash is a fruit (being the receptacle for the plant’s seeds), and not a vegetable.

-source (wikipedia)

Na, it’s a vegetable.

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