Paintball California

Here is a pic of my buddies Burt, Adam, Scott Myself (in the orange shirt) and Rasta playing paintball on early Saturday morning in Sept while in California this summer. Hadn’t played in about 5 or 6 years and was a little out of paintball ‘shape’ as it were. I spent about a month or 6 weeks in California this past summer. Survived through some record heat waves while camping out about 30 miles from Palm Springs. Survived a fire evacuation at the Highland Springs Resort from where we had to “Bug Out” and retreat to a school a few miles away. The grass fire came right down to where we slept. Water bombers and helicopters were called in and bombed them and put them out.

Scott Paintball Double Paintball Guns - Rasta

These are my buddies Scott (formerly of the Canadian Armed Forces) and Rasta playing paintball that day while hanging out in California. Below are a couple more.

Eric of Ring Homestead Paintball Adam Double Paintball Guns

This is Eric from Ring Homestead Paintball park in New York. He was going over the safety mechanisms, paintball safety procedures, how the guns works and some basic rules of play. On the right above is Adam Jacques of Winnipeg Canada sporting his dual paintball guns.

We played paintball on Saturday, and then on Sunday we had to deal with what you see below. These are actual pictures of the Highland Springs fire while were were evacuating. The fire came withing 50 feet of where we slept.

adam highland springs resort fire

Adam hanging out for a quick picture of him with the fire behind him. He’s so tough…..

Highland Springs Fire

This shows how close the fire got to the Highland Springs Resort. As I said, we watched about 5 or 6 water bombers bomb the hell out of here with water. Rasta was sleeping when the fire department knocked on his door and asked him to leave. “Why?”, he asked. “Um, have a look out your front door!”. Then he started giggling and got dressed. lol.

And to balance out the destruction displayed above.. the paintball, the guns, the camo, the fire and all that macho shit, here’s a nice pic taken one of the nights either before or after the fire.

Highland Springs Twilight

Now on to the title of this post: My Least Favorite Day Of The Year. I hate winter. I hate it being dark all the time and the short fucken days. Dec 21st is the shortest day of the year here in Edmonton (least amount of sun hours). So This is my least favorite day, while being my 2nd most favorite days of the year. I really hate christmas, so this is a very shitty time of year for that reason too. I mean, I hate christmas.

My Most Favorite day of the year. I love June 21st for the opposite reason. Most Sun, warmest, best outdoor activities, least amount of clothes on the little ladies and when I celebrate my half birthday, or at least pretty darn close to the day.

So here it is, Dec 21st 2006 and we’re spinning back towards the sun… tilting and pointing our northerly continent back towards sunlight. Thank Gawd! The days get better from here on out.