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Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions

New Years ResolutionHappy New Year one and all – have you considered your new years resolutions yet?

I have a couple, but first and foremost is to finally achieve my body fat goal of 7%.  To do this, my new years resolution is to train daily doing cardio every day and weight training no more than 2 days on, one day off.  In the past, I’ve trained 5 days straight and then a couple of off days, but some information that has come my way again about the importance of NOT training daily has re-inspired my goal of taking it a bit more easy.  The reason, outlined in the Truth About Building Muscle by Sean Nalewanyj is due to the fact that our hormonal response to training lasts for more than 24 hours, in fact almost 48 hours.  Thats 48 hours of being Anabolic.  But… if we train within the 48 hours, our bodies inital response is to be catabloic (a normal side effect of training) which negates the positive effects of the anabolic hormones coursing through our veins.  So, train hard, accept the initial catabolic hormones, and then REVEL in the anabolic hormones for a full 48 hours to really get big.

I like to train every day.  It inspires me and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.  To go 2 full days between training is a bit tricky, so I’m opting for my inital resolution of two days on, one day off.  We’ll see how it goes from there.  Training also helps me achieve my goal of 7% body fat because muscle is more active than fat and to build more muscle means to burn more fat.  I look better, feel better and get leaner with each pound of muscle that I gain.  Simple.

Second New Years Resolution is to do cardio every day, every morning without fail.

Third New Years Resolution is to not eat any starch carbs after 6PM for any reason.

So, now let me ask you this:  What are your New Years Resolutions?  Give me at least 1.  Leave a comment about it.

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7 Percent Bodyfat by July 7 2007 Goal or 7777

My goal has always been to get to 6 % bodyfat by the summer of each year and so far the best I’ve gotten is 8% in February of 2005.  So here it is christmas again and I’m driving towards a new goal.  I saw a guy over on 35 to 35 because of his link to my blog so I dropped in for a read.  I believe his goal is 35 pounds in 35 weeks and that is the reason behind his domain name.

So, I realized that 7% by July 7th of 2007 would become 7777 (7%, 7th month, 7th day, 7th year) and would also be a cool goal.

So here it begins. 

I am not that lean now, and have a ways to go, but I know how to do it and I’ve done it before, so it’s just a matter of discipline, hard work and sacrifices in time and eating habits.  That should be easy.  It’s the decision that begins it all though and I have to get my head around that.

It begins with training harder to gain muscle mass which then accompanied with Cardio makes the muscle more efficient at burning fat.  I’ve spoken with my personal trainer and I’ve got a new program.  I have not been in the gym for almost 4 months due to work and travel and it’s time to get back at it.

6 Percent Bodyfat Goal

I have committed to attaining 6% body fat by July 1, 2005.  In this endeavour, I needed new tools for my toolbox. Read my review of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book by Tom Venuto. I spent last night at my skydive club annual New Years Eve party.  I had begun my fat loss program about a week prior and I stuck to my guns of only having a couple of beers.  I have a cruise in February and I want to drop a bunch of fat before I go.  I’m also going to have my chest and back waxed for the first time and see how I like it.  My plan to achieve my goal involves daily cardio in the morning followed by weight training in the afternoon.  I’m following the Burn The Fat program by Tom Venuto, increasing my protein in the form of chicken and eggs and again eating oatmeal with my breakfast.
I created a site for Fitness Affiliate resources for people who want to earn money helping others educate themselves about health and fitness or find fitness products and tools.  Fitness affiliate links is part of my Fatloss Muscle and Fitness Network which I’m designing to tie together a bunch of my fitness and nutrition websites.  Basically a site with a bunch of articles and then it posts pages generated by RSS from my other website feeds.  These pages generate inbound links to my articles and posts and should increase clickthrough and pagerank to them.  Plus the pages will change very often which Google likes.

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