shaved my moustache offGetting really interested in The Science of Sleep and how we’re affected by sleep.  Tom Venuto has a great
arcticle on my website about how much sleep do we need. Sleep can also be affected through sound.  Found a great product called Holosync Audio Technology that creates states of deep meditation and gives you the benefits of long-term, deep meditation, but much more quickly.  Very cool stuff.  I’m listening to the free CD they send out right now.  Go get it… they really do send out a free cd letting you sample their audio technology.  Did I say “very cool” yet?

Oh, and after 14 years without seeing my top lip, I shaved my moustache off.  Comments ladies?

I was at a Halloween party at my skydive club here in Edmonton, when someone mentioned that I should get rid of it.  Another girl quickly agreed, so I began to take some polls.  The result was my decision to just shave it off with the fallback position that “it will always grow back”.  I really like having it shaved now and would never go back.