west coast trailI just finished hiking the West Coast Trail.  It was fricken awesome.  So glad I did it.  I’ll have a complete report posted on my website in a short while. Update: trip log is complete on my website now, see the previous link.

Looking forward to a Carribbean cruise in Febuary of 2005.  Ports include Belize, Panama and Costa Rica.  Hope they have had time to clean up after the hurricanes.  Update: cruise was awesome.  Posted a page with a sort of year end summary of 2004 including the cruise pictures

Started a 6 week fitness boot camp at my club, Club Fit here in Edmonton.  Six weeks of cardio and drills for 1.5 hours first thing in the morning.  This added to a new six week heavy weight training program and I hope to drop 2% bodyfat and gain at least three pounds of muscle.  Watch my Former Fat Guy Blog for more details when I get them posted.

Update: Here’s my initial post when I started bootcamp, here is my first post of my bootcamp week in review , and here is my post after a full month of bootcamp.  I’ve done many more since, but never seem to complete them for one reason or another.  My dad passed away during one, so I left Edmonton to spend time with him in Saskatchewan, then I had to leave early another time to go on a cruise and another time I had to leave early due to travels.  It’s a hell of a program that Club Fit puts on and I recommend it to anyone in the Edmonton area.  If you’re looking for bootcamp in your neck of the woods, do so and get started.  They’re great