I am now the host of a Fitness, nutrition and wellness talk radio program streamed live on the internet on Mondays at 9:00 AM pacific time.  I am interviewing guests regarding fitness, nutrition, wellness and self improvement.  The Former Fat Guy Show – fit, wise and well  began airing on March 3rd 2003.

Update: I had my show on for about 4 months in which I interviewed Monica Brant, Bill Pearl, Clarence Bass, Shawn Phillips, Udo Erasmus and many others.  I have taken the best of the bodybuilder talk radio clips and made them available on my new website www.fatlossinsidersecrets.com .  Since the show, I have done two more interviews privately, one with Tom Venuto and the other with Harvey Diamond.  In fact, it was Harvey’s agent who contacted me and asked to be interviewed.  That interview can be found on my website under Harvey Diamond Interview, while the Tom Venuto interview is part of the bodybuilder interview package.